We are ecstatic to introduce our unique product , it has a 3 Fold Purpose, i.e. supports safety, awareness campaigns
and can easily be used as a motivational tool in the workplace and community.

It allows the messages to 'shout louder' by not saying a word through the A4 PVC transparent pocket.

This is ironic, and the great news , it is manufactured in South Africa.

Customized branding is most welcomed.

New and Used Motor Vehicles

One of the most neglected safety precautions on roads are ‘invisibility’ of drivers / passengers especially during: changing a tyre , opening of the bonnet , stationery vehicle , and most important during accidents at night and during the day .

The purpose of the T.E.A.M. Reflective BiB is to create HIGH Visibility and to access Emergency Contact Details QUICKLY.


Customize – users can print various messages on an A4 page and rotate accordingly
Staying power – creating daily campaigns with no additional costs for years
Durable – messages are displayed in environmentally safe places and holds up very well
Great Value – cost effective, your message will go where billboards cannot
Practical and dual purpose – identifying officials and share campaign / motivational messages at the same time